I know that I am very late with pics from Sardinia but before I leave again for my next trip here are some memories. I know that my sensor was dirty and I had it cleaned after I got back home.  Read More →

And it is nearly that time of the year again… it won’t be long now till I am going back to Sardinia like I do every year in June. The difference will be this year that I am a bit later than usual but I will still miss all my dive-buddies from Italy-mainland. The ones from Sardinia like Freddy, Gabriele and ‚il nonno‘ are always there (although Alberto, ‚il nonno‘ is not from Sardinia) but it won’t be the same with my other friends. We’ve been diving together for 5 years so I am going to miss them – in and out of the water…Read More →

Ok, here we go… the promised pics… The beautiful clear water… Every tuesday the Epic comes by… One day it was so clear that you could see the village Bonifaccio on the cliffs in Corsica. That little guy was only a few millimeters… 🙂 A crab in the anemone Eeel Holy Santa Teresa watching out over the sea And San Giovanni night. First the fire and later on people had to jump through the fire… My fellow divers Martina and Ruggero jumping over the fire…Read More →

….. is beautiful as always. 🙂 And of course it is fun to laugh with friends that you have known for many, many years. Diving with our group that meets every year is fun too of course. IF we can go diving. My first dive day was cancelled and the waves this morning were nasty. I didn’t want to go this afternoon anyway but we wouldn’t have been able to. And it doesn’t look good for the next three days either. It is not that much the wind but the waves… Maybe as compensation mother nature made us a gift yesterday evening. After my 3Read More →

Soon it is that special time of the year again…. the one when I am flying over to Sardinia where I have been going since 1978…. Yes, exactly. That means 37 years… I love that island and it’s inhabitants. Here are some pics that show why…. can’t wait to go back and go diving with my friends again. The view over to Corsica (need to do a Pano this year)… Isn’t the colour of the beach wonderful? This is Rena Maiore. This is a traditional costume of the internal area of Sardinia. First time I saw it then. Unfortunately they were back in ‚my‘ villageRead More →

Yepp, I am back. Once again I had a wonderful time in Sardinia. It was so cool that I changed my flight to one 3 days later. It was cooler than usual – both above and below water but that made for more beautiful colours on the beach pics and under water we found a lot of macro stuff that we had never seen before. I had a wonderful time once again. And although I was determined not to go back next year I will do my very best to do just that… 😉Read More →

Why does time always pass much faster when you are on vacation? 🙁 I had a great time ‚back home‘ in Sardinia. I saw some friends that I hadn’t seen for 10+ years and I had a great time under water as well. Unfortunately my pics didn’t turn out good since I had problems with the flash and the underwater case for the cam is still leaking. The camera did survive this time but a couple of times I didn’t take the cam when diving as it just ruined the dives for me when I went in and it wasn’t working as I wanted itRead More →