Sleepless in Port Vila…

Sleepless in Port Vila…

19/09/2016 0 Von andiline

After a looooooong trip I finally arrived in Port Vila yesterday afternoon. While standing in line for immigration I could already hear the music and when I had my bags and left I looked into the smiling faces of these singing women… Georgette, whom I already knew from two years ago, was already waiting for me. I bought a SIM-card for my modem (only to find out later that my modem is not compatible with Vanuatu-SIM-cards 🙁 ) and then we were off to my hotel. Along the way I could already see part of the damage that cyclon PAM left in her wake last year. Normally driving in to Port Vila you could not see the ocean although the road is mostly close to the coast line. Now that the trees are gone you have full view of the water.

Once in my hotel I first took a shower and then just started to rest. It is not really that warm and I was cold when I sat outside for dinner. But I think part of that was lack of sleep too. Whenever I leave my room there the smell is incredible. It’s a pity that I can’t put it in a box to take home. Really good perfume in the air… Below the view from my balcony for the next days. Down at the pool they have some evening entertainment later this week and of course I will go down and take pics. 😉

It is really good to be back in Vanuatu. The big smiles on the faces do make a difference. 🙂

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