Around the island tour Efate

Around the island tour Efate

24/09/2016 0 Von andiline

Since I couldn’t dive any more today (my flight is at 7 AM tomorrow morning) I had booked a tour around the island. There is only one street around the island (meaning you can’t just cut short by going in the middle…). I had thought about going with a tour bus but then I wouldn’t have been free with taking pics whenever I wanted and whenever I saw something interesting. And it was a good decision. The tour guide/driver came to get me at 8:30 AM and then we went to Mele beach first. There is a small market and an older woman approached us. I wasn’t sure what she wanted but it turned out that she had been looking at the shirt from the dive-shop that I was wearing… I somehow had not really checked the number of clean shirts that I still had so I had done some washing yesterday evening but they weren’t dry yet. So I had to wear the dive-shirt. And the guides are mostly from Mele-village so the people were curious if I was a Ni-Vanuatu (meaning long-term inhabitant)… 😀 😀 😀 We went up the hill to ‚The summit‘ where I took some of my first ‚Cologne Cathedral‘-pics… The idea for those pics is my sister’s but I really liked it so I instead of a duck this time I have my cathedral with me… After that we continued around the island. You can see the destruction of cyclone PAM everywhere. It was one of the strongest ever in the Pacific and it is very, very sad to see that. In the villages they partly still don’t have new houses yet and those who have them have houses in the sun now whereas in the past they were in the shadow. There are some relicts from WWII there. For lunch we went to the Taka Castom Village. Castom dances are the traditional dances with old songs that the villages all have. They differ from island to island. But first I had the buffet-style lunch with rice, sweet potatoes, chicken/pasta salad, some coconut-milk-pastry and citron-juice. It was really good. Since the other tourists had already seen the castom dance the guys did it again just for me. It was just a 10-minute show though which was OK with me. They had the Welcome-dance, the Bird-dance and a Peace-dance (funny that they do a peace-dance when they try to scare you… 😉 ).
After that we continued around the island and found some really nice, white beaches. The ‚Blue lagoon‘ (big tourist attraction) to me was not really blue though. It was more greenish lagoon… 😉

But let me show you the pics… On this one you still see a boat that has been thrown on the island by PAM (lower right side)

Behind the cruise ship is the Star of Russia where we went diving yesterday.img_2047 img_2055Monument in Vilaimg_2069 I saw only afterwards that this is dedicated to PAM…img_2089

This market used to be in the shade…img_2092

Mele villageimg_2107

img_2112Shopping Center… 😉


Ladies restroomimg_2132 Home is where the Dom is… 😉

img_2151 img_2169 img_2173 img_2181


Entrance to WWII museum… not sure which things they are showcasing… but the entrance was funny.


American pool (from WWII)img_2199

Taxiiiiii… (over to the islands)img_2207

Two more WWII-relicts. Not sure what the first one is but the second one is a helicopter landing areaimg_2210 img_2215

Thanks PAM… 🙁img_2221 img_2232 img_2238 img_2242 img_2244 img_2254 img_2262

I was not really sure if I should trust that bridge to hold the car… 😉img_2263 img_2267

Lunch entertainment in Taka villageimg_2272

And the start of the castom dance 🙂img_2279 img_2287 img_2292 img_2298 img_2306 img_2319 img_2322

One of the very old banjan trees… it survived but I assume it lost lots of branches and leaves…img_2332 img_2339 img_2340 img_2342

The not so blue Blue lagoonimg_2358 img_2363 img_2365 img_2382 img_2391