Port Vila

Port Vila

20/09/2016 0 Von andiline

Last night I was asleep by 9 o’clock but this morning at 3 my body thought that it needed to wake up… yeah, sleepless in Vanuatu… 😉 I will get used to it. Tonight I will stay awake longer.

Breakfast is a small buffet here and they have pancakes in fish-form. Of course I had to have that. 😉 I wanted a cappuccino and asked for it but the girl looked at me with big eyes and my cappuccio never came. Not a problem. I saw later that they have Tanna-caffee. Tanna is the third island I am going to visit here and I knew that they have a coffee-factory there. So I had some Tanna-coffee instead and it was good. 🙂

After breakfast I got restless and needed to explore a bit. So I grabbed my camera and walked into Port Vila. I am not really far from the city center and Port Vila is not a big city anyway although it is the capital of Vanuatu. I knew part of Vila from my first visit two years ago when I had to wait several hours before going to my resort. I had seen the market on my way to the hotel yesterday and it was good to walk by early as I could still take some pics from the outside without vans. Went to the Digicel-shop because I want to use the SIM-card that I bought at the airport yesterday. Although they had air condition in there a slight sweaty smell prevailed… they are on island-time there so it took me some time to get my new internet-stick. I can use it again next time when I come to Vanuatu… 😉 😉 😉 Just joking, I don’t know if I will come back.

Since the dive-shop was just around the corner I went by there as well and arranged some more dives. I am really eager to get in the water so I will spend the day there tomorrow because there is a coffee shop next to the shop and the lunch-break will be spent there. I had been in that coffee-shop two years ago and back then there were stalls next to it… they have all disappeared. The entire board-walk is under construction. I don’t know if this is due to PAM or if they would have done construction anyway. After that I walked back to the hotel taking some more pics.

Last thing I did was go to a ‚Bon Marche‘-supermarket to buy water and I found it a really BIG supermarket. I don’t know if Vanuatu has been french at some point (probably – the french have been everywhere in the past 😉 ) but there is definitely a french influence here. Although the Vanuatu-language is called bislama, everyone speaks either english or french here. And bislama to me looks like a ’simplified english‘. Like internet in bislama is ‚intanet‘.

Now I am going to spend the afternoon relaxing some more. I have to force myself to do that as I am really eager to see stuff. Thing is there is not a lot I am interested in here on Efate and I will see most of the normal sights around the island on saturday when I am going on an all-day island-tour. But due to the fact that I am still on antibiotics I have to stay out of the sun so I will spend the rest of the day somewhere in the shadow…

Enjoy the pics…

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