Going back to Vila

Going back to Vila

28/09/2016 0 Von andiline

After another a bit sleepless night I had another cold shower and unfortunately it looks like the moscitos thought I was breakfast. My entire back is full of moscito bites. 🙁 The downside of outdoor-life…. For breakfast sweet Em had even brought coffee for me. I saw the cargo ship come by and it was strange to see that they had the tailboard open and people were sitting on it.

At 10 my transport was supposed to come but the boat (the yellow one on the pictures) was there already and since I was ready anyway we left a bit early. Initially the sea was calm and we even saw a pod of dolphins. The twin-volcanos were clearly visible as well. For the last part we had to go around a corner and the sea was a bit rougher but not really a problem. Once arrived everything was unloaded and a truck came by to load the cargo and me. Again I had tourist class (in the front). At the airport I met Christophe again who had already been on my flight to Ambrym. He had stayed at the bungalows from the guy who was doing the check-in. Since there were only 6 passengers we all started to chat among us and it was fun and interesting. Once the plane was there I went in the front row and checked if the pilots did everything right. 😉 😀 Again we went to Ulai and then Paama. Christophe and I had a chat with the pilots while waiting in Paama and now I know that the more experienced one was Lu and that the runway on Paama is 700m long (but one way traffic). This is something you will never experience in Europe with all the security measures and regulations. On the domestic flights in Vanuatu there are not even security checks (they don’t allow knifes or things that could be used as weapons in the cabin though).

At the airport in Vila Georgette was already waiting for me and I said Goodbye to Christophe till the next day because we had found that we would be on the same flight again on the way to Tanna. Once I was back at the Melanesian hotel I took a WARM shower but the rest of the day went by without anything else that is noteworthy… So here the pics from yesterday. The cutiepie is Andrea again. She as always so serious when she helped her mom cooking and carrying around pots. 🙂

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