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Evening out in Paris

This week I had to go back to Paris again. But this time it coincided with a stay of my friends Jack and Linda from North-Carolina who are on a trip across Europe. Originally the plan had been to meet … Weiterlesen

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Ireland – panorama pics

While I travelled Ireland there were some places where just one pic was not able to take in the beauty of it all. Which is why I took a lot of pictures to afterwards stitch them to a panorama-pic. Unfortunately … Weiterlesen

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Dublin, last morning

And then it was already time to go home. Since my flight was only in the early afternoon I could have done more sightseeing on the last morning but…. it was raining. And hard. So I decided to try and … Weiterlesen

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Dublin day 2

The next day was my only full day in Dublin. When I woke up it was raining so I took my time as the weather forecast had said it would get better around noon. I left the hotel around 11 … Weiterlesen

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Rain, rain, rain….

What did I expect when I planned a trip to Ireland? Rain! And I am not getting disappointed. Since it is raining again I am taking my time this morning before venturing out. There is no hurry. 🙂 The only … Weiterlesen

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Inis Oirr

OK, I know I was a bit lazy yesterday evening after I came back from the Aran Islands. The Aran Islands are three islands that can be reached via coach tour and boat from Galway or from Doolin by boat. … Weiterlesen

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Galway city

Today I had a day ‚off‘. The plan was to walk around Galway as much as I could before the rain started. All in all I was lucky as obviously the heavy rain was elsewhere (I could see it in … Weiterlesen

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Day tour no 2.

Initially I had booked my two tours for thursday and saturday but the weather forecast had been saying for a week that saturday it would be raining. And the closer we got the worse the forecast became. So finally I … Weiterlesen

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