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First day exploring Ireland…

Well, I had a quiet flight to Dublin yesterday and upon arrival it took some time to walk to the Terminal. And the looooong way is full of ads for Ryan Air. They are irish. Figures… 😉 Once arrived at … Weiterlesen

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After a lot of planning….

… I will be off to Ireland tomorrow. Unfortunately the weather forecast is not really good so I am going to pack my waterproof outdoor-clothes. I ordered additional protective gear for my camera too but maybe I should bring the … Weiterlesen

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Paris – again

I spent the last 5 days in Paris and finally wanted to go up on the Montparnasse Tower. But when I left the office in the evenings I was always too tired to do anything (at least not anything that … Weiterlesen

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Last week I walked to the office and on wednesday morning I walked by the office of a bus tour company. They had the ads for a tour to Keukenhof, Netherlands outside and that morning somehow it registered that they … Weiterlesen

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Happy Easter

Wishing you all a Happy Easter celebration. Enjoy!

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