Monatsarchive: Juni 2008

Being sick….

Well, when I was in Paris on tuesday it turned out that I had to be there again on thursday. Since I was still there and had planned to go home I was thinking about not going home but to … Weiterlesen

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Nearly done with staying at home… ;-)

Yes, Char, I can post pics… and will especially since I got a new toy two days ago. My new toy is a new camera, the Canon 40D. It is amazing that a semi-professional camera costs me less than I … Weiterlesen

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Staying at home…

…. is not so bad!!! 🙂 Been at home for a week now and for next week no trips are planned either. *woohhoo* Can’t say I am sad to have two weeks at home in a row. More trips booked … Weiterlesen

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