Monatsarchive: Juli 2008

Nice weekend pic…

Can´t resist to take my camera out to my rooftop deck… lot of small bees there these days…

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Going to Paris again tomorrow

This week was not really among the best I’ve ever had. Found out on tuesday that my sight has worsened in a not normal way so I had to make an appointment with a doc and it was not really … Weiterlesen

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Raising my glass….

… to my grandma today. My sister reminded me that today would have been her birthday. Her 98th. She died 13 years ago in July and I still miss her… My grandpa died in 1999. Now – they were from … Weiterlesen

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Getting ready to travel again…

It’s my second week at home and I thought that after our deadline tomorrow I would travel less for a while… well, yeah, so much for wishful thinking. 😉 Have not all the dates yet but it looks like I … Weiterlesen

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Yes, I know I was lazy…. reason is that I’ve not been really well the week I was in Zurich and this week here at home was mostly work so in the evenings I didn’t really want to do anything … Weiterlesen

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