Staying at home…

12/06/2008 1 Von andiline

…. is not so bad!!! 🙂 Been at home for a week now and for next week no trips are planned either. *woohhoo* Can’t say I am sad to have two weeks at home in a row. More trips booked in the weeks after though. Going back to Paris on June 22 and the week after I am going to Zurich for 3 days. Since I am going to Paris on a sunday again (wanted to go diving that day but if I had flown to Paris on monday morning, diving wouldn’t have been an option either) I am thinking about visiting Montmartre this time. But it all depends on the weather and if the train arrives on time this time.
Till then I will hopefully finish my project ‚make the living room nicer‘. I have already painted three parts of the walls in a very bright red and I think on sunday another small part will be the last one to get red. I LOVE lively colours. Only problem is that the blue curtains will have to go now…. 😀 Have to put up shelves as well but when doweling last saturday I was not precise enough so the shelve didn’t fit. Had to buy mortar to close the holes and I’ll try again on saturday… 😉 I bought hooks as well which I want to dowel into a wall of a spare room close to my bedroom so I can hang my wetsuits and my dive-jacket on them. Where they are hanging now I am permanently bumping into them so I need a nice place for them. Yeah, I am sort of busy and I like it! 🙂