Nearly done with staying at home… ;-)

21/06/2008 0 Von andiline

Yes, Char, I can post pics… and will especially since I got a new toy two days ago. My new toy is a new camera, the Canon 40D. It is amazing that a semi-professional camera costs me less than I have paid 3 years ago for the first amateur DSLR. This whole thing is crazy (but I am glad since I am clearly in love with the new camera…). 🙂 Will take the camera to Paris tomorrow and – if the train is halfway on time – try it out in the afternoon. I am not really happy about having a ‚one day weekend‘ again though (which is today). My boss will come to Paris tomorrow evening and so we will probably talk about work as well so it is not really a holiday I am having in Paris. Still I am looking forward to the photo-opp.

Tried the camera out outside to take pics of my flowers after some rain… it was fun playing around with the water drops… here are two of the pics I like most:



What I’ve done in my appartment in the past two weeks so far is painting some parts of my living room in red.



And since so far I had blue curtains I replaced them… Took me a couple of days to find something that was affordable and fit in.


And then I just created a space for my wetsuits and my dive-jacket. Now they are no longer bumping in my face all the time. *yeah*


Hung up shelves over my computer as well but I first have to put away all the cables before I can post a pic…. 😉  Still thinking about what else I need and can do but this will have to wait. Right now I will put all the baskets with the colour and all the ‚homeworker tools‘ away… 🙂