Being sick….

28/06/2008 0 Von andiline

Well, when I was in Paris on tuesday it turned out that I had to be there again on thursday. Since I was still there and had planned to go home I was thinking about not going home but to extend my stay by two days. I couldn’t get a flight for thursday morning but the hotel wanted 600 Euro per night for the additional two nights I didn’t stay (it was not MY money but just the thought of this made me say ’no‘). Didn’t want to spend too much time looking for alternatives either so I came back home tuesday and took the train back to Paris on wednesday only to come back home again on thursday. So far I had thought going to Paris by Thaly’s-train is less adventurous than going by plane but I learned on thursday that this is not the case. Shortly after we had left Paris we were stuck for two hours without electricity due to a fire on the tracks so I was home only around midnight. Since my throat hurt in the night to thursday I went to the pharmacy in Paris (fortunately there is one very close to our office) and bought some meds. Unfortunately the cold has gotten worse and I will spend the weekend sleeping (just got up again after a two hours sleep) as much as I need and can in order to being able to Zurich on monday. Have no time to stay in bed right now, we are way too busy as we have an important deadline on July 18.

What I did in Paris last sunday was going to the Montparnasse cemetery and from there I walked over to the Jardins du Luxembourg where lots of parisian folks spent their sunny sunday. Was tired after 3 hours though and went back to the hotel to sleep till my swiss boss arrived and we went to dinner.

Here are a couple of pics…