When we flew home yesterday we found that Zurich was surrounded by air holes. Our plane did drop several times and I can’t say I liked it. On the drive home from the airport I told my colleague that I hadn’t booked any further trips (business) and I’d be curious how long this would last. Of course it did last only till this afternoon when I got a call from Paris and now I have to go to Paris again next week. Since I have several workshops next week already (all in Cologne though) I’ll have to fly again. Not really looking forward to thatRead More →

So I am back to travelling once per week. Was not what I wanted but I do what needs to be done. This week I went to Paris for the day. I was rather proud of myself that this time I chose to fly instead of taking the train since I found out after booking the flights that the belgian railways were on strike so the Thaly’s to Paris was a no go. When I came to the airport on wednesday I was told at the Check-In counter that the flight would be delayed by two hours since there was a strike. Geee, thanks, thisRead More →

Was lazy when I wasn’t traveling but yesterday the blog seems to have had technical difficulties so I couldn’t upload any pics…. so here are a couple… Don’t have to say what this is, do I? 😉 Likeed this canon because it was smiling so nicely at me… 😀 I always liked this church (Dome des Invalides) Yeah, I know I somehow played ‚tourist‘. Didn’t have much time though… So here are some completely different pics… while going to Paris I could see that the canola fields are in full bloom. So on sunday I went to the countryside for a fotosession…. Yesterday I spentRead More →