Monatsarchive: Februar 2008

Ready to go….

The adventure ‚Philippines‘ can begin. I am ready to go! 🙂 In 24 hours I will start my descend towards Bangkok soon… then another 3 hours and I will be in Manila. *woohhooo* I am just SOOOOOO ready for a … Weiterlesen

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3 more days to go…

Yesterday for the first time I found time to prepare for my trip to the Philippines which will start in 4 days. Prepared my laptop with software that is able to work on RAW-pics, did some washing and thought about … Weiterlesen

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The Philippines are getting closer… *woohhooo*

It is strange… I am so much out of town these days that it is hard to imagine that I will be in Manila next saturday at this time. The past 3 days in Zurich have been lots of stress … Weiterlesen

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View over Cologne….

My plan for today was to go and take pics from the LVR-Tower. This tower is relatively new (about 2 years old) and has an observation deck on the top ( floor). Should have gone yesterday since the visibility was … Weiterlesen

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Being at home…

Unbelievable but I’ve been at home all week… 🙂 We had our weekly workshop in Cologne so everybody else had to come here. Stressful anyway since we always go out to dinner in the evening but it was a lot … Weiterlesen

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Paris again…

This time when I arrived I heard that the taxis were on strike. A swiss colleague joint me at my terminal and told me. We didn’t have any problems though and were in La Defense within 25 minutes. 🙂 Since … Weiterlesen

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Well, not staying at home after Carnival, gotta go back to Paris on wednesday. Need to stay healthy (which is always difficult -the past years I could’ve made a standard appointment with my doc for ‚ash wednesday‘ -> not really … Weiterlesen

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