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Just came back from Zurich and I am sort of glad that our workshop next week will be in Cologne so I can stay at home next week… *wwoohhoo* Might be that I still have lots of leftovers after Carnival … Weiterlesen

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Okay, here some of our stories to the pics… on tuesday evening I arrived at the airport Charles de Gaulle in time. No problem there. Then we went to get our trolleys which we had checked in. We looked up … Weiterlesen

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More trips coming up….

Well, haven’t been so well in the past weeks since i got that stupid virus but I am back to life now. 😉 It was confirmed today that I will go to Paris next week and the week after that … Weiterlesen

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Planning is going on

Happy New Year everyone! Wasn’t able to write as I somehow caught a virus and spent NYE in bed instead of being with my friends. At midnight it was strange… I know that the idiots never know what time it … Weiterlesen

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