Paris again…

09/02/2008 0 Von andiline

This time when I arrived I heard that the taxis were on strike. A swiss colleague joint me at my terminal and told me. We didn’t have any problems though and were in La Defense within 25 minutes. 🙂 Since we always arrive late in Paris we didn’t go to the city any more that evening. Just met with my boss and that was it. In the mornings we always meet in a bar close to the office for a coffee and croissants. Having breakfast at the hotels is incredibly expensive (and usually I don’t eat anything in the morning, I just need my coffee). So I don’t wanna spend 20-25 Euro for something I never do at home…. 😉

During the two days we were there this time it was beautiful photo-weather… 🙁 Of course it is nice to see the Eiffel-Tower all day long but my heart wanted to go out and take pics while I had to stay in the office and work. Okay, I know this is what I get paid for… 😉

Here are pics…Sun going up at La Grande Arche.


Sun going up at La Defense


And there are mirror effects everywhere…..



That’s the view I had during my meeting…


Absolutely loved the weather and the colours….


The only evening we had off we went to have dinner near the Champs Elysee. After dinner we walked towards the Arc de Triomphe (which we usually see only in the distance since La Grande Arche and L’Arc de Triomphe are connected by a big avenue and you can see both when you are in between).