The Philippines are getting closer… *woohhooo*

23/02/2008 0 Von andiline

It is strange… I am so much out of town these days that it is hard to imagine that I will be in Manila next saturday at this time. The past 3 days in Zurich have been lots of stress again. When I went to the hotel on wednesday evening it was raining so hard that my trolley was more than wet (it is a 20 minutes walk and I am too stubborn to take a tram or a taxi 😉 ). So I already pictured myself drying all my stuff with the hairdryer in my hotel room but when I opened my trolley everything was still dry. So I guess my trolley passed the ‚dive‘ test. 😉

Worked all the time during the three days. On thursday evening around 7:30 PM I asked one of my swiss colleagues who works a lot as well if she wanted to go out for dinner. She wanted to continue to work (still wanting to go out for dinner though) but I made her switch off the PC and we ended up in a mexican restaurant. Ohhhhh, all those sweet memories… 😉 I liked the restaurant and the food wasn’t too bad (just a little bit on the expensive side but that’s normal for Zurich). Here are a few pics from the interior (I know they aren’t completely sharp but apart from the fact that I didn’t have one with me it would have been an overkill to set up a tripod there…. 😉 ).





And here a pic of my ‚Tostado Pio Pio‘


Flight back home was uneventful and only slightly late. I thought I would fly alone this time but met a former colleague at the airport. When you fly all the time you get to know more and more people. And since I have a lot of former colleagues who went to work with other companies in Zurich chances are slim that I have to fly alone. 🙂