Being at home…

16/02/2008 2 Von andiline

Unbelievable but I’ve been at home all week… 🙂 We had our weekly workshop in Cologne so everybody else had to come here. Stressful anyway since we always go out to dinner in the evening but it was a lot of fun as well. I am just VERY tired. Will probably relax going on a photo field trip here in Cologne tomorrow. It is still great photo-weather and I wanna go take pics.

Have to start thinking about what I will need to do before I am going to the Philippines. In 2 weeks I will already be in Manila. Since I will be in Zurich a couple of days this week there is not really much time to get chores done. Sun lotion, anti-insect stuff etc. – will have to make a list… 🙂

Played around a little bit with my cam this afternoon. I improvised a foto-studio and took some shots.



That is the moon over Cologne… 🙂