02/02/2008 1 Von andiline

Well, not staying at home after Carnival, gotta go back to Paris on wednesday. Need to stay healthy (which is always difficult -the past years I could’ve made a standard appointment with my doc for ‚ash wednesday‘ -> not really what I want!).

Carnival started on thursday (it’s the day of the women!). Didn’t take any pics since I have already a lot from the past years and I wasn’t quite okay so before the open air opening party was over I was back in my bed asleep. In the evening I went to a big party which lasted 6 hours and that was GREAT (as usual). 🙂 Friday I had the day off (worked a lot on thursday from home though… 🙁 ). Friday evening we have the ’star parade‘ which means that small parades come from all directions and then we have another party. Since this is visited mostly by locals this is one of the best events we have. Everybody knows the songs and we do what our carnival is all about: sing, dance and have fun together. Here are a few pics from yesterday:

Prince Carnival (he doesn’t always wear thatblack nose 😉 )


The childrens trifolium (we do have a trifolium here which reigns for carnival: Prince Carnival, the Farmer and the Virgin – the Virgin is a man in the adult trifolium!)


Those guys didn’t wanna stand still for my pic… 🙁 😉


These are the ‚Bläck Fööss‘, one of the best bands for carnival but since they sing a lot of songs about our city they are great for the rest of the year as well.


That happens when people get all teary eyed with the songs from the ‚Bläck Fööss‘ (which is dialect and means ‚barefoot‘)…



It was a great evening: no drunks, no beatings…