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Torajaland to Makassar

So after 4 eventful days we got in the car to drive back to Makassar. I will add some more explanations that I left out in the first posting when we did the drive in the opposite direction. First of … Weiterlesen

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Torajaland day 4

Day 4 was a bit quieter than day 3 with the burrial ceremony had been. The plan for the day was to visit two villages first that we had skipped to see the day before, then lunch with a 2 … Weiterlesen

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Torajaland Day 2

Got up at 5 AM this morning (but was awake since 4.15 since the muezzin started to sing at that hour…) and am now safely in Lembeh. I am a bit baffled to see Lembeh like this… usually everything is … Weiterlesen

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Sorry, too tired

It was another interesting day today but the last days have taken their toll and I am too tired to write a longer blog entry today. I don’t think there will be one tomorrow either as we are driving back … Weiterlesen

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Torayaland day 3

Yes, I know… day 2 is missing but I will write it either later today or tomorrow. I am still under the impression of the burrial ceremony this morning so I would like to start with that one. The guys … Weiterlesen

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Torajaland Day 1

After an uneventful flight to Makassar in South Sulawesi and an afternoon in bed I was greeted by my german-speaking guide and the driver yesterday morning at my hotel and then we were off towards Torajaland. The drive was supposed … Weiterlesen

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Ready to go…

And again there was not a lot to blog about in the past weeks. But now it is nearly time to start packing again and fly out to Indonesia. This time I won’t go diving right away but first I’ll … Weiterlesen

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