Sorry, too tired

It was another interesting day today but the last days have taken their toll and I am too tired to write a longer blog entry today. I don’t think there will be one tomorrow either as we are driving back to Makassar and that will be another long day. Sunday afternoon will be the next chance… 🙂

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2 Responses to Sorry, too tired

  1. Stan Heat sagt:

    Toraja be Indonesia most beautifull regency but also the unique culture on earth , even 10 hours drive from the airport ccity of makassar and as enter a paradise of dsulawesi, please do not boring to come to Toraja for feather interesting area of sulawesi , thanks and sehen uns wieder.

  2. Seybrew sagt:

    Hey, denk‘ daran, dass du im Urlaub bist, Andrea. Du tust gut daran, mal eine kleine Auszeit von der Kommunikation zu nehmen. Erhol‘ dich gut, damit du fit fĂĽr’s Tauchen bist. 🙂

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