Torajaland Day 2

25/10/2015 2 Von andiline

Got up at 5 AM this morning (but was awake since 4.15 since the muezzin started to sing at that hour…) and am now safely in Lembeh. I am a bit baffled to see Lembeh like this… usually everything is green but like in the South it hasn’t rained here for 4 months so there is more brown than green… sad… 🙁
But let’s start with my day 2 in Torajaland before I am too much into diving to think about Torajaland any more. 😉
We started the day in Lemo where you find traditional Toraja-houses (these are really old as the roof is already ‚greened‘ up)….

IMG_0077 IMG_0077

And the famous tau-tau.These wooden statues are a specialty of Toraja-land. The tombs are in the rocks (where you can see the doors) and for each deceased you see the wooden statues. From time to time the ancestors make a ceremony to redress them when the clothing is too weathered out. You can see that some of the tau-tau’s have nearly white dresses while others are still in bright colours.IMG_0095

One of the two is NOT alive (and the other one is Stan, my guide 😉 ).IMG_0118

An Alpha-Omega church. It is a christian church.IMG_0156

Again Toraja-houses in a villageIMG_0170

The buffalo has a big role in Toraja-tradition. On the houses it is symbol for fertility.IMG_0180

This tree has a rather sad background as it is the ‚baby-tree‘. In it babies that didn’t have teeth yet are burried. The tradition says that the small children still need their mother to gorw up so the white juices of the tree are the symbol for the mothermilk. And they are burried in the part of the tree that is opposite of where the village is where they were born.IMG_0189

Toraja-architecture everywhere. This is a tomb with a Toraja-roofIMG_0196These tau taus are in Londa, not so far away from Lemo. But the ones in Londa are older…IMG_0206 IMG_0212

Again toraja-style cemeteryIMG_0230

Who is complaining about chicken being raised in areas too restricted for them? 😉IMG_0232

This is a building errected for a burrial and it has been made into a restaurant afterwards.IMG_0253

And these are a bit scary as here the deceased are inside the caves. When you go in you see lots of skulls and bones in tombs that have decomposed… but outside there are tau taus again.IMG_0271

I found these tau taus rather funny as to me they look like they are watching a horse race.IMG_0281

Several coffins (still outside)IMG_0283

And here are two coffins insideIMG_0300

Along the Sa’dan river…IMG_0317

The driver was a real nice person too as for this pic he took a detour because he thought that I might like to take a pic there. 🙂 Dry rice-fields with water buffalos close to Rantepao.IMG_0324 IMG_0333

And then Stan made me climb the hill up to this cross from where you usually have a nice view over the entire area. Usually… not when it hasn’t rained in months and the woods are burning… visbility was not really good. Unfortunately. On the way back down a young couple stopped me because the girl wanted a ppic with me. Not sure why… 🙂
IMG_0339 IMG_0367