Paris – again

18/04/2015 1 Von andiline

I spent the last 5 days in Paris and finally wanted to go up on the Montparnasse Tower. But when I left the office in the evenings I was always too tired to do anything (at least not anything that involved getting on a metro and ride over to it). On Wednesday when I walked by the Hotel Pensinsula in the morning there was a crowd in front of it, someone was holding a speech and they were serving champagne. Around the corner a side street was closed and there were BIG balloons and the red carpet already waiting. When we left in the evening the big party hadn’t started yet but we could see the preparations. I just read that there were about 1000 guests that evening. Just a pity the my invitation must somehow had gone lost in the mail…. 😉
IMG_8132 IMG_8133