13/04/2015 2 Von andiline

Last week I walked to the office and on wednesday morning I walked by the office of a bus tour company. They had the ads for a tour to Keukenhof, Netherlands outside and that morning somehow it registered that they were going there. So I checked the dates and made a booking for yesterday. Then a dive-buddy was really interested and when I asked if she wanted to come she wanted so we booked for her as well. So I got up at 5 AM on a sunday (how stupid cn one be??? 😉 ) as the bus left at 6:30 AM. What I didn’t know was that we had a 45 minutes break in the morning and we arrived at Keukenhof only at 11 AM (would have been faster to take the train to Amsterdam and take the shuttle from there). Oh well… I had planned to go taking pics of the tulip fields around the Keukenhof-area before going inside. So when we left the bus we walked over to where we thought we would find the colourful tulip fields… only to find – nothing.
So we entered the Keukenhof and at least I expected lots of blooming tulips… but we saw a lot of people (I exptected crowds on a sunday) and only some colourful spots where all those people then gathered to take pics… So all in all I was a bit disappointed. We DID have a nice day but from what a lot of people had been telling me I somehow expected more… let’s go to the pics though… 🙂
IMG_7880 IMG_7885 IMG_7888 IMG_7894 IMG_7909 IMG_7916 IMG_7923 IMG_7929 IMG_7935 IMG_7946 IMG_7947 IMG_7951 IMG_7954 IMG_7960 IMG_7968 IMG_7970 IMG_7981 IMG_7990 IMG_7992 IMG_7996 IMG_8006 IMG_8024 IMG_8026 IMG_8034 IMG_8048 IMG_8062 IMG_8081 IMG_8084 IMG_8087 IMG_8099 IMG_8102 IMG_8104