Well, yesterday was my last day working for my old department. Same for my colleague as she will move to department in Paris as well (but we both remain in Cologne). It was sort of sad since no-one except us thought about our move and that it was our last day. On the other hand we have both been working for our new departments in the past weeks already getting ready for the new tasks. So on monday I will be in Paris and start the new chapter in my work-life with my my colleagues of the new department. One good news is that IRead More →

Today is one of the major dive-events in our Dolphin Divers annual calendar. It’s on the lake here in Cologne (we don’t have to go to the Netherlands again like we did 3 weeks ago) and I was REALLY looking forward to it. Even told my colleagues in Paris that I couldn’t fly out to Zurich today as I wanted to go diving. Had everything packed yesterday by 10 PM, wanted to take my camera in the water this time (first time in a lake in Germany). But then came this phone call… down on the groundfloor there is a pub. And they called meRead More →

It’s called Lensbaby and with this you can put the focus on one point on your pic while the rest is blurry. Just played a little bit with and already LOVE it. It is a little bit tricky to get the focus point really sharp but I love the below results. 🙂Read More →

Yesterday our Zoo in Cologne was open till 1 AM in the morning. The Flora as well (which is a building that is rather old and nice but not really used any more except for important events). Here are a couple of pics… Isn’t it amazing how the water just flows down and there is no need for towels for the penguins? 😉 The small giraffe looks like it is falling on it’s side but it was just starting to run around and the dust was flying around… Looks like they are in a cinema…. 😉 Who is THAT????? 🙂 The little elephants were playingRead More →

When I arrived in Zurich last sunday there was a wonderful view on the snow-covered mountains at the lake. Monday morning the sky was blue and it was warm and I left the hotel without jacket and umbrella. Bad mistake! Fortunately there was an umbrella in the office that I could take use. With my swiss boss (for two more weeks) and two colleagues from Paris we went to a brewery for dinner. On the way back to my hotel afterwards I played around with a ferris wheel… On tuesday after work I couldn’t take any pics since it was raining too hard. On wednesdayRead More →

And immediately another one…. I needed some time off today before I pack my stuff again tomorrow morning so I took my camera and went on my rooftop-deck. Lately I’ve had great opportunities to try out Macro-fotography. Today there was a bee that was very busy in my straw-flowers. Since she was sitting still for minutes at a time I could take lots of pics. Quite happy with the results… 🙂Read More →

Well, still not well again and I hope this nightmare will end soon… it’s just as it is right now. Can’t change it although I tried. Here are some pics from last week in Paris. On sunday I went to Moulin Rouge and Montmartre with Sacre Coeur. Loved that Carroussel on MontMarte View over Paris When I got back to the hotel a thunderstorm was coming… The next day after work I went for dinner near Centre Pompidou (had a Croque madame again) . I’ve always loved that fountain with sculptures of Nicky de Saint Phalle.Read More →

Was in Paris last week and had one of the nicest days with my new department (as of Sept 1). Those people are just great and I think the chemistry between them and me is just right. After I came back something bad started back home (still work related) so instead of having a quiet week (which is something I am in desperate need of) I am very torn apart. Will start to blog again when I feel better.Read More →