Monatsarchive: September 2008

Already back into routine…

I know, I know, haven’t been too chatty in the past two weeks. Will copy the trip report to my It is already written, I just need to copy it over and upload it. But to already let you … Weiterlesen

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I am officially on vacation!

One last day in the office today and now I am ON VACATION! Since I hate to pack I am sort of waiting to do it and keep me busy with other stuff… camera, laptop and valuables are already in … Weiterlesen

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North Carolina…

Well, well, well… have been looking forward to that next trip for quite some time. Now my vacation is roughly one week away (have to go to Zurich this week again). Will fly into Charlotte, meet canadian friends there and … Weiterlesen

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My week in Paris was a good one…

… and important as well. This was my first week with the people of my department and nobody needed to ask if I am happy in that department. I am afraid a lot of people couldn’t work as we were … Weiterlesen

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