A summernight in Zoo and Flora

Yesterday our Zoo in Cologne was open till 1 AM in the morning. The Flora as well (which is a building that is rather old and nice but not really used any more except for important events).

Here are a couple of pics… Isn’t it amazing how the water just flows down and there is no need for towels for the penguins? 😉


The small giraffe looks like it is falling on it’s side but it was just starting to run around and the dust was flying around…

Looks like they are in a cinema…. 😉

Who is THAT????? 🙂


The little elephants were playing soccer. The smallest was a little bit clumsy and fell over his feet every now and then. Here he tried to get the other one off the basket they were using as ball.

The nicely illuminated Flora.

The illuminated trees in the Zoo looked great.

And the flamingos in the dark (they were illuminated though).

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