My sunday is ruined – sort of…

24/08/2008 0 Von andiline

Today is one of the major dive-events in our Dolphin Divers annual calendar. It’s on the lake here in Cologne (we don’t have to go to the Netherlands again like we did 3 weeks ago) and I was REALLY looking forward to it. Even told my colleagues in Paris that I couldn’t fly out to Zurich today as I wanted to go diving. Had everything packed yesterday by 10 PM, wanted to take my camera in the water this time (first time in a lake in Germany). But then came this phone call… down on the groundfloor there is a pub. And they called me to let me know that the toilets were broken. Since my dad usually deals with this stuff I called him (my parents are always away on weekends) and he called the pub to find out if there was really something wrong. I didn’t hear anything for about 45 minutes so I thought it was safe for me to go to bed… then came the second phone call: someone needed to come to fix the problem, but he would be there in half an hour. It was getting late and I was tired and wanted to go to sleep since I had to get up early today to go diving. After more than one hour the guy still hadn’t arrived (he finally arrived shortly after 0:30 AM) and I was finally in bed at 2 AM. Since I have to get up at 4:30 AM tomorrow morning I decided to skip diving today (my heart has been bleeding all morning 🙁 ). Might have to get driving lessons again and get into one of the car-sharing companies that have become popluar in Germany since more and more people do not have cars any more. With a car I could have just gone to the lake later. 🙁

In order to keep me busy I uploaded pictures to a photo-selling online agency. I have the impression that they are just the kind of agency that sells travel pics like I take and so far they didn’t have any from the Philippines or French Polynesia. Would be great to sell one or two so I can buy more photo-equipment (yeah, I am getting greedy I know 😀 ). But first they will have to check the pics and let me know if the pics are what they want and then I have to send the original files an DVD and only after they have seen that they will send me a photographers contract (IF they want my pics). You have at least 10 pics accepted by them to get a contract and I uploaded previews for 30. So keep your fingers crossed… uploaded a few pictures to another one as well but that agency is more into business-pics so I don’t think I will be a big success there. There are more agencies I can upload pics to but I had to start somewhere and that first one looks like it would fit for me (and I hope that they DO sell pictures… 😉 ).