Dramatic skies in Zurich

15/08/2008 0 Von andiline

When I arrived in Zurich last sunday there was a wonderful view on the snow-covered mountains at the lake. Monday morning the sky was blue and it was warm and I left the hotel without jacket and umbrella. Bad mistake! Fortunately there was an umbrella in the office that I could take use. With my swiss boss (for two more weeks) and two colleagues from Paris we went to a brewery for dinner.


On the way back to my hotel afterwards I played around with a ferris wheel…


On tuesday after work I couldn’t take any pics since it was raining too hard. On wednesday there was a farewell-party in the afternoon so that I stayed longer in the office than I had thought. It’s nice to chat with people when you don’t usually have the time to do it. I had just gotten an email from a former colleague in the US so we were discussing news of people we all knew. When I finally left the office the sun was going down but at the same time some dramatic rain clouds came up. It was a fantastic light to take pictures.




and the best one (most dramatic)