Well, while sitting here at home I try to keep my mind busy so I am not dwelling on the fact that right now I should be in Sydney. BUT I already have some plans for January too when I will be going back to Norway. So I was looking on the pictures from my trip to Norway last year and I am still amazed at how wonderful nature is up there. I am happy that I will go back in January to snorkel with whales and hopefully see more Northern lights. Here are a few random pictures from the two weeks… Divers on theRead More →

Soooo… I was in contact with the travel agency over the past days and we checked the options that I had. The new plan was to fly out directly to Vanuatu and arrive a few days earlier than originally planned. I couldn’t finalize this though as I was not sure if I would finally be able to fly in two weeks. This morning I went to see the specialist and he gave me the goods news that unless there are new complications (which is unlikely) there is no problem whatsoever and I can go diving immediately as well. He told me that it might notRead More →

I am not happy to write this blog-entry. I should be busy thinking about what to pack etc. Instead this morning I had to go to see my doc and he gave me the ‚red card‘ for the trip. Meaning I won’t be able to leave for Tonga on saturday. You can imagine that this totally blew me off. I still hope to be able to do the rest of the trip (meaning flying out in two weeks directly to Vanuatu) but it is too early to tell if my health will be restored enough for that by then. So keep fingers crossed for meRead More →

10 days to go and tomorrow I am in the single digits… it is hard to believe that I am getting sooo close to my trip after I had been planning it for over a year. Most preparations are done. Never in my life did I prepare a trip that well. Lots of research, a book with notes for each leg of the trip, booking a lot of stuff in advance… but researching foto-opportunities as well (like checking out pictures of people who have already been in the places I am going to visit). Not looking forward to a 12 hours and immediately afterwards anRead More →

I know that a lot of people do not know where Tonga and Vanuatu are…. Tonga is more known than Vanuatu. I know that much. But when I talked about my trip in the past months I more than once heard  ‚Ummm… where is that?‘ So, to make it easier, here is a little picture. I start it in Sydney although I do have to fly there first of course. From there it is over to Tonga, then overnight in Fiji, Vanuatu and then off to Manado which is the main airport of Northern Sulawesi. I have to fly to Manado via Singapore but thisRead More →

I am getting more and more excited about my upcoming trip. Ever since I had been snorkelling with humpback whales in French Polynesia in 2007 I wanted to do it again. Back then I only had a camera that was not able to shoot RAW-pictures and I wanted to have better pictures of these wonderful creatures. French Polynesia was not really so wonderful as it is in most people’s dreams. To me it lacks nice beaches. The beaches in Mexico are much better and more beautiful than the ones I saw in French Polynesia. So I decided to go to Tonga instead. Originally I wantedRead More →

Time goes by so quickly. Had a nice vacation in Sardinia which  was full of thunderstorms. So I couldn’t go diving as much as I would have liked to. And after two dives I was too tired to do a third one in the afternoon (which mostly wasn’t possible anyway). Loved seeing my friends (humans and groupers 😀 ) from last year though. Now I have only 4 weeks to go till I travel to the other end of the world. Stay tuned as it should get interesting… 🙂Read More →