The countdown has started

20/08/2014 0 Von andiline

10 days to go and tomorrow I am in the single digits… it is hard to believe that I am getting sooo close to my trip after I had been planning it for over a year. Most preparations are done. Never in my life did I prepare a trip that well. Lots of research, a book with notes for each leg of the trip, booking a lot of stuff in advance… but researching foto-opportunities as well (like checking out pictures of people who have already been in the places I am going to visit). Not looking forward to a 12 hours and immediately afterwards an 8 hour-flight but you do what you have to do… 😉 That will be the worst part of the trip anyway as afterwards all legs will be shorter.

I thought that the South Pacific would be warm so I planned for light summer clothes. But then I had a look at the average temperatures for september/october and it was like *oooops, that’s cold*. So I had to re-think my luggage. I have only 30 kg of which my dive-equipment will already take up 2/3. Then shampoo, sun-protection etc. (I am allergic and can’t just buy something) and meds that I need to bring for 7 weeks. In addition I will have to bring clothes more for autumn-temperatures than for summer. Interestingly right now Sydney and Cologne have the same temperatures (it is slightly colder here). The difference is: we have SUMMER, they have WINTER… 😉

The past days I have been mostly investigating dive-sites in Sydney. Can’t wait to go back…20.03.2007 21-30-23_0018


This is Manly Beach. A bit to the left of this pic I will go diving while in Sydney. 🙂manlybeach1klein