My week in Paris was a good one…

06/09/2008 0 Von andiline

… and important as well. This was my first week with the people of my department and nobody needed to ask if I am happy in that department. I am afraid a lot of people couldn’t work as we were giggling a lot… 😉

Here are a couple of pics I shot during the days there….


You wouldn’t think this is Paris, wouldn’t you? 😉


When you come to Place de la Bastille you expect very old buildings with lots of history. What you find there is this though:


Walking towards the Louvre again you find some older buildings though. This here was built in 1843….





And this is a church in La Defense. It is opposite to our office but if I hadn’t read it in my Paris-guide I would never have seen that this was a church. When I told my ex-boss on the way to the office on friday morning at first he didn’t believe me… 🙂


Love that fountain….