I know that it is kind of crazy to fly to North Carolina for a long weekend but the thing is that we had met there 8 years ago and somehow we decided to do it again. And I am really glad we did. I mostly went to meet friends and we were a group of peeps from all over the US, plus Canada and me. We had so much fun and it was really great to see everyone. Since the main purpose was to meet friends there are not that many ‚tourist‘-pics as most of the time we just hung out at the property.Read More →

One last day in the office today and now I am ON VACATION! Since I hate to pack I am sort of waiting to do it and keep me busy with other stuff… camera, laptop and valuables are already in my carry-on though. So glad I’ll be going away for a week. I did consider to leave the blackberry at home but even if I take it with me, I am not sure I will look at it too often. My colleagues will get an ‚out of the office‘-mail anyway. 🙂 *wooohhoooo* Tomorrow at this time I will shortly be landing in Charlotte. 😀Read More →

Well, well, well… have been looking forward to that next trip for quite some time. Now my vacation is roughly one week away (have to go to Zurich this week again). Will fly into Charlotte, meet canadian friends there and with them I will drive to Flatrock (I think) where another friend has a B&B where we will meet with more people from all over the US and Canada. We will be around 30 to explore the area, chill and have some quality time with friends. Most people will be from Texas and I am happy to see some people again I haven’t seen forRead More →