Already back into routine…

27/09/2008 2 Von andiline

I know, I know, haven’t been too chatty in the past two weeks. Will copy the trip report to my It is already written, I just need to copy it over and upload it. But to already let you know: I had a blast. North Carolina is a beautiful spot, great landscape and indian summer was just to begin. We had great weather and I forgot about work which was something I really needed. The friends I met at the Highland Lake Inn were absolutely great. I had met some of them before in real life but not all of them. We had a great time with lots and lots of fun. Of course I took lots and lots of pictures. My personal highlight was the excursion to Chimney Rock National Park where I went with Jackie from Winnipeg. I met Jackie and Bob for the first time 3 years ago in Mexico and have been shopping for Bob ever since as he collects pins from the Hard Rock Cafes. Jackie loves to take pics as much as I do and people were probably thinking we were crazy when we were both sitting in the gras of a farm yard taking pictures of pumpkins… 😀 Chimney Rock was great but on the way back to the Inn we had seen so many beautiful spots that we stopped a lot to take pictures. Took us half an hour to drive one mile…. 😉

Thanks, peeps, for being there, I had a great time and special thanks to Jack and Linda who were the hosts and went up and beyond to make us comfortable.

But I am back into my daily routine already as work sort of struck me as soon as I was back. Further to that my ear started hurting last sunday (probably got the infection during the bonfire at the lake on saturday evening) and I went to the doc as soon as I was back. He couldn’t see much so he sent me to the specialist. And HE told me I had an eczematose infection. I knew already it was nothing serious since I hadn’t had any problems when flying home but I wanted to make sure that it was nothing serious since I wanna go diving next sunday… 🙂 I have the impression that the infection is nearly gone (just not sure how you can get an eczema inside your ear…).