12/07/2008 1 Von andiline

Yes, I know I was lazy…. reason is that I’ve not been really well the week I was in Zurich and this week here at home was mostly work so in the evenings I didn’t really want to do anything except reading and just do nothing… this morning I thought though that it’s time to write an update. There are official news now.

Looks like my trips to Zurich will come to an end soon. I knew that the organizational structure of the area I work in was going to be changed and I’ve had an idea of what this would mean for me for a couple of weeks but it was not official and I didn’t know when the change would take place. When I was in Zurich the new organization was announced although most of my colleagues still don’t know where exactly they will find themselves since only the general structure was published. They couldn’t tell details since in our company 200 people worldwide will have to leave and until it is clear who these persons will be of course they can’t publish a detailled structure with names. The good news for ME is that I already know where I will end up starting september since I will move to another department and then I will have my boss and colleagues in Paris. Right now I work in a department with 2 colleagues here in Cologne and my boss and 2 more colleagues in Zurich. I will still work with them in the future (hopefully) but I will be in another department. Good thing is I already know my new boss and most of the new colleagues and I like working with them.

As far as Zurich is concerned there are two more trips planned but I am a little bit melancholic since in the last years this city has had a big part in my life. This will change starting September when I will change direction and spent a lot of time in Paris. I will go to Paris on July 29 (if the Lufthansa is not on strike – which is very likely) and discuss details with my future boss.

But to get back to Zurich. When I was there last week I had my new ‚baby‘ (Canon EOS 40D) with me and one evening I went on a short photo field-trip with a former colleague. We didn’t make it too long since I was not really feeling THAT well and we were hungry. Here are a few impressions…

You can see that is was two days after the end of the European Soccer Championship that were hosted by Switzerland and Austria:


A boat trip on the lake is still on my to-do list. Not much time left to get it done…. 🙁


I saw this rowing boat several times and although the thought that this was unusual shortly crossed my mind I didn’t think too much about it. Only looking at the pictures I found out the reason… the persons who are sun-bathing are ALL female (looks like a swimming area for women only) and a few of them were topless. Now imagine yourselves why these guys kept rowing up and down the river…..


Then we saw it coming….


Dramatic skies when thunderstorms are coming up…


And this was when I waited to be able to make the last block back to my hotel….


LOVE my new camera, it takes absolutely amazing pics… 🙂