Getting ready to travel again…

17/07/2008 0 Von andiline

It’s my second week at home and I thought that after our deadline tomorrow I would travel less for a while… well, yeah, so much for wishful thinking. 😉 Have not all the dates yet but it looks like I will be travelling every week again for the next weeks. Will know more tomorrow.

On the bright side: I was here last weekend for the Cologne lights which is a beautiful event along the river. We were on a boat that went upriver first and then all the illuminated boats (about 50) started to go back down. Along the shore there were different fireworks, bengal lights and illuminated balloons. And it was a big party along the shore. People were dancing and partying and when it was dark they had sparklers. It was soooooooo beautiful. At 11:30 PM the main fireworks began in front of the cathedral and it lasted half an hour. One bridge was not accessible since it was a 5 minutes fireworks-waterfall and for all the 30 minutes there was music going with the fireworks. It was a great night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Just a pity that I was sick with a terrible headache the next two days and was not able to work on monday. Have no clue where that came from. Certainly not from alcohol since I was too busy taking pics to drink much. 🙂

Here are a few impressions…

Going upriver:



And then it all began…. *wwooohhhooooo* 🙂