Been lazy again… but here are a few pics….

13/05/2008 0 Von andiline

Was lazy when I wasn’t traveling but yesterday the blog seems to have had technical difficulties so I couldn’t upload any pics…. so here are a couple…

Don’t have to say what this is, do I? 😉


Likeed this canon because it was smiling so nicely at me… 😀


I always liked this church (Dome des Invalides)


Yeah, I know I somehow played ‚tourist‘. Didn’t have much time though…


So here are some completely different pics… while going to Paris I could see that the canola fields are in full bloom. So on sunday I went to the countryside for a fotosession….




Yesterday I spent my day planning more trips. I had already booked a flight to North Carolina where I will meet new and old friends in September. Can’t wait to go there. Further to that I already had planned to spend the remaining of my vacation days diving again. One of my goals for this year is to get to the 100th dive. I am at 84 right now and I am not going to reach my goal over the summer. So I decided to go back to Thailand since there are still lots of things on my to-do list. And my friend Monique is still there (she owns the dive shop) so I kept an eye on the flight prices. Yesterday I found out that they had gone up ridiculously within one week. A flight via Singapore with Singapore Airlines that had cost about 900 Euro last week, now costs over 4,000!!! That is ridiculous! So I booked the only remaining date with a relatively low price although I would have liked to wait for two more weeks. Didn’t wanna risk to find no flight though. So it’s a done deal. Will go to Bangkok first and then on to Phuket where I will go diving with Monique on the Similan Islands. But I want to go to Khao Sok National Park, the Phi Phi Islands and several other sites above and below water. Evrey now and then I might even find the time to relax on th beach…. 😀