Travelling all the time

24/05/2008 0 Von andiline

So I am back to travelling once per week. Was not what I wanted but I do what needs to be done. This week I went to Paris for the day. I was rather proud of myself that this time I chose to fly instead of taking the train since I found out after booking the flights that the belgian railways were on strike so the Thaly’s to Paris was a no go. When I came to the airport on wednesday I was told at the Check-In counter that the flight would be delayed by two hours since there was a strike. Geee, thanks, this is what you like to hear when you’ve gotten up at 4:30 AM and then it was for nothing. The plane was two hours late. When we finally arrived at Charles de Gaulle we got stuck with the bus on the way to the terminal since another bus that was shuttling passengers as well was waiting for them to board the bus and blocked the street. Not really effective management of the airport (but I am not surprised). Was in the office for lunchtime… 🙁 After working the few hours we had left I went back to the airport and when I went to my gate ready to board (our plane was already there) I suddenly heard an announcement that the terminal had to be evacuated. Geeee, that’s really what you need a few minutes before boarding. So we all left the satellite and went back to the terminal. When everybody was out we waited about 15 minutes, then the airport-employees went back in. Nice thing was that ALL of us had to go through security again and there were 7 planes waiting for their passengers. If you think they somehow organized us getting back in: of course they didn’t! The only organization was that about every 8 minutes they would let 50 persons go over to the satellite. When I finally made it back I still had to wait another 20 minutes to get through security. The last passengers on my flight came about half an hour later than me (and it took me about one hour to get back in and in the plane). It was a complete mess. Can you imagine that I was rather glad when I was finally at home? Fortunately we had a public holiday the next day and I slept all afternoon (that had not been on my plan for the day but I was soooooo tired… 🙁 ).

At least today I did some of the things I wanted to do on thursday. Well, actually I did work on my rooftop deck on thursday since I had to replant a couple of my plants. My deck is rather exposed and since there is always wind my plants often ‚fly away‘. So I bought some heavy pots and now I hope that they will no longer fly away. And today I painted two walls of my living room in a very bright red. Have been wanting to do that for a couple of weeks but never had the time to go buy the colours and do it. Now it’s done and I love it! 🙂