30/05/2008 0 Von andiline

When we flew home yesterday we found that Zurich was surrounded by air holes. Our plane did drop several times and I can’t say I liked it. On the drive home from the airport I told my colleague that I hadn’t booked any further trips (business) and I’d be curious how long this would last. Of course it did last only till this afternoon when I got a call from Paris and now I have to go to Paris again next week. Since I have several workshops next week already (all in Cologne though) I’ll have to fly again. Not really looking forward to that – I HATE the Charles de Gaulle airport…. at least this time on the flight home I will not be alone but with another colleague from Cologne.

As far as Zurich is concerned I try to avoid going there in the next 4 weeks. Switzerland and Austria are hosting the European Soccer Championship and although only 3 games will be in Zurich, the FIFA headquarters are in Zurich and it was already very difficult to get hotel rooms this week. In Zurich they are preparing for the European championship with a big VIP-screen on the lake and more screens for public viewing. I tested a new hotel which is closer to the office and although I didn’t get breakfast there (don’t need it since at home I only drink coffee in the mornings anyway) and it was rather loud but it was somehow a funny experience: the furniture was rather old fashioned with a candelabrum and one of these thingies in which you can press trousers… but on the other hand I could drive my head or feet up and down in the bed and yesterday morning I discovered that on the toilet you could clean your butt with water and dry-air it… 😀 Didn’t try it out though since I didn’t trust the mechanism… 😉

Well, I am off for the weekend now. Will go diving on sunday… 🙂 Just hope that the thunderstorms will stop before sunday since it’s not good to dive with thunderstorms…. 😉