Well, actually I am more in Dauin which is about 17 km from Dumaguete. Here are a few more things I forgot to tell you earlier today: security at the National Terminal in Manila today was very strict. You are not able to enter the Terminal without ticket and the luggage is screened before you can get in ( ALL of it). Inside they are very strict too in making you pay for excess baggage. I had been told by my travel agency that excess baggage is cheap but I didn’t expect it to be THAT cheap. For 10 kg (24 lbs) excess for myRead More →

Well, got to Dumaguete today. My driver was there on time this morning and at the airport I met Dino again. We had already found out that we would fly at the same time (not to the same destination though). Flight was uneventful but I had a closer look at the Philippine Islands from above. Unfortunately it was cloudy so I caught only glimpses. Now I am at a dive ressort and while I type I am sitting on my baclony with hammock, view to the sea and it is all very peaceful (well, if that english lady down there stops laughing… 😀 ). IfRead More →