First pics

03/03/2008 0 Von andiline

Well, got to Dumaguete today. My driver was there on time this morning and at the airport I met Dino again. We had already found out that we would fly at the same time (not to the same destination though).

Flight was uneventful but I had a closer look at the Philippine Islands from above. Unfortunately it was cloudy so I caught only glimpses. Now I am at a dive ressort and while I type I am sitting on my baclony with hammock, view to the sea and it is all very peaceful (well, if that english lady down there stops laughing… 😀 ). If I don’t relax here I will not relax anywhere… the way down here from the main road is not asphalted and it is not very inviting to walk it. So I will be mostly under water while being here and spend a lot of the remaining time in my hammock… 🙂 But I will go back to Dumaguete for one afternoon and probably go on one tour to see some more of that island…

This morning till it was time to go to the airport I worked on a few pics. Believe me it was hard to choose. There are so many nice ones and I had to pick a couple… 🙁

At the airport in Bangkok


Tricicles (they are some sort of taxis)


Rice fields


Here we are already on the river. From the boat we could see people during their all-day life.. lots of kids playing in the river:


Here you can see our boatman getting the boat up the rapids. He jumped in and out all the time when we were in the rapids…


More rapids to come… 🙂


The first small waterfall…


Isn’t that a great view??? Unfortunately it had been raining too much in the past days otherwise we would have gone up there… 🙁


This is the first of the three big waterfalls and the only one we were allowed to go to that day.


And then going back down…


The lush green vegetation


Here people are washing… clothes and themselves.. 😀


I think this is a water buffalo (or is it simply a cow???)…


This was a village along the river–


And this is already on the way back. The first funeral car we saw…


And last a pic of some Jeepneys. My pic up from the airport here on Negros was with a Jeepney but that was airconditioned and a little bit more modern…. 😉