07/06/2015 2 Von andiline

Soon it is that special time of the year again…. the one when I am flying over to Sardinia where I have been going since 1978…. Yes, exactly. That means 37 years… I love that island and it’s inhabitants. Here are some pics that show why…. can’t wait to go back and go diving with my friends again.

The view over to Corsica (need to do a Pano this year)… IMG_8354

Isn’t the colour of the beach wonderful? This is Rena Maiore.IMG_8439a

This is a traditional costume of the internal area of Sardinia. First time I saw it then. Unfortunately they were back in ‚my‘ village yesterday so I won’t see them again this year.

My friend in Corsica… 😉 IMG_9594_druck

Can you guess what I will eat the first evening? 😉IMG_9730

And there is small stuff in the water too… 🙂makro