17/06/2015 1 Von andiline

….. is beautiful as always. 🙂 And of course it is fun to laugh with friends that you have known for many, many years. Diving with our group that meets every year is fun too of course. IF we can go diving. My first dive day was cancelled and the waves this morning were nasty. I didn’t want to go this afternoon anyway but we wouldn’t have been able to. And it doesn’t look good for the next three days either. It is not that much the wind but the waves…
Maybe as compensation mother nature made us a gift yesterday evening. After my 3 dives yesterday I was rather tired and went up to my room around ten (with the intention of going to sleep). But when I stepped on the terasse that leads to my room I saw lightning all around us. And above us we had stars…. so instead of going to sleep I went inside to get my tripod. 😀 And then my camera and I were busy for the next two hours. It was simply amazing.

Grouper Fish soup


And here are some pics from the thunderstorm in Corsica.