Paris Part 1

29/11/2014 0 Von andiline

So, my first trip to Paris was a bit uncomfortable. I had a headache the night before leaving and I took the headache with me. Unfortunately it didn’t wanna leave me so the first evening in Paris I went to sleep early. The second day I intended to leave the office at a reasonable time but then suddenly it was late again so I just passed at the hotel to leave my laptop there and went on Champs Elysees to take some pics of the christmas decoration. Here is my favourite pic from that evening…


Now I am getting ready to leave again for Paris tomorrow morning. Since the trains in Belgium are on strike on monday I am going one day early which might have been a wise decision because Lufthansa is threatening with new strikes now as well…. Do I have to mention that I am getting tired of all those strikes? 🙁