One of the things I always do on all my trips is to buy something for my christmas tree. I didn’t start this on purpose it was just the time of the year on my first trip outside Europe that they started to sell christmas deco in Seattle two or three days before I flew home. First I thought it would be nice to have something from Seattle on my tree. The year after I think I went to the Seychelles. And again it was the time of the year and before I flew home I bought coloured shells that were obviously christmas tree deco.Read More →

Today there was a parade in Cologne that I hadn’t seen before. It was only the second time they had organized it and last year when I saw the pics I was mad at myself that I was too lazy to go. So today I wasn’t going to miss it. And it was really beautiful. Just too many people taking pictures… 😉 On some pics you can see that other photographers ‚flashed‘ my pictures (we shot at the same time and their flashes illuminated my pics…). Was funny and a couple of times I tried to use this… 😉 The parade consisted of groups ofRead More →

The trip to Paris was very tiring but on the other hand it was nice to see colleagues from all over the world again. One colleague from Switzerland had never been to Paris before so one evening we went sightseeing with him. Louvre and Notre Dame were the main things we wanted to show him. I have never been to the Louvre at dark before and I wished I had brought my tripod (but you can not do that when you are out and about with a group of people). Here are some pics from that evening so decide yourself. In addition I will attachRead More →