Rain, rain, rain….

30/09/2014 2 Von andiline

Well, since I have arrived on Espiritu Santo the weather has been rather bad. I haven’t seen the sun in three days which is not so much fun since the hot water in my resort is powered by solar power and since there is no sun I am back on cold showers. Which is not so much fun since after diving it is wet when you get outside, the water is not as warm as it usually is… BUT today I did my 500th dive. My guide wanted to make it special by showing me around the wreck of the SS President Coolidge. Unfortunately I am not very much into wreck diving (at least if I have to go inside and I can’t see any light any more)… but well… I did the 500th and got some nice pics from what is left in that wreck.

Let’s get back to the pics… here are some more Malekula-pics. This is what remains of the airport in Maleuk. IMG_1569

On Malekula you find the biggest coconut plantation of Vanuatu…

IMG_1577I found it interesting that the trees started to grow in the stones


Beach…. 🙂


This is what you get on the streets if a car comes by… 😉


Obelisk in Lakatoro. Not sure what the meaning is…


Saturday entertainment: a soccer match



The market in Lakatoro




Not sure what the birds-heads are supposed to mean (if anything…). It sure looked nice!


I think these hats are being worn only on an island that I am not visiting… but I liked them very much. I met the guy who made these and asked him if he could make me a smaller one as these didn’t fit into my suitcase but unfortunately he couldn’t.


Steve with a traditional mask



I don’t know if there is any meaning to this one…. 🙂IMG_1632

I have never seen this flower before….


The way to my bungalow… I loved the garden of the lodging…