Day 2 – down under

16/09/2014 1 Von andiline

Well, since I was asleep at 8:30 yesterday evening I woke up around 5 this morning. I didn’t really see the sun going up because it was hidden but I took some pics a bit after. It was nice to see the sun since yesterday it hadn’t come out at all. I was relaxed till about 7:30 and then the stress started… breakfast at 8, be ready for the first dive at 8:45, in the water by 9, get on the boat for the second dive at 10, in the water, out of the water, back at the resort, lunch, get the camera, back on the boat, in the water, out of the water, go to the bungalow, shower, get back to the dive shop because it is time to download the pics and write a blog entry… I might be asleep at 8:3o again tonight… 😀 😀 😀 Today it will be only overwater-pics but I have some cool underwater.shots from today. I guess I am getting better with the camera… 🙂

This is the view on my beach shortly after the sun came up. It was a bit foggy on Efate mainland.


My modest home seen from my beach…  😉IMG_0276

This is the view to Lelepa Island (another island off Efate Island – I am on Moso Island).




This is on the other side of Moso Island…. there are some caves there but this area looked interesting too.


I guess this artwork is man-made…. 🙂


And another view from my beach after lunch. As you can see it is very windy… so far the weather hasn’t been to good. Lisa and Bill blame me but I refuse to take any responsibility. 😉 At least buying all that outdoor-stuff has paid off as I need it here.