I made it!!!

14/09/2014 0 Von andiline

After a peaceful night in a BED I had a good breakfast this morning and on the sugar I saw the word ‚Australia‘. And then suddenly I thought… ‚Oh my god, I am in Australia!!!‘ Hadn’t really registered yet. After breakfast I was off to the airport. I had been told that the carry-on luggage is strictly weighed and therefore I had put everything that can’t break in the checked luggage. What can I say… my carry-on was of no interest but I had to pay surcharge for the checked-in luggage… 😀

After take-off the flight attendant came to me and gave me a Samsung-tablet for my entertainment and brought me a sandwich and drinks – obviously that was included in my ticket… I hadn’t known that. Unfortunately the sandwich was full of seeds so I prefered not to eat it.

When we left the plane in Port Vila there was a really nice smell in the air but I can’t tell what it was. I was fast through immigration, got my luggage and then Margaret was waiting for me. She took me to Port Vila first where the office is and from there I was driven to the place where we were to meet with the boat to the resort. I think about 10 minutes after we left Port Vila I had this big smile on my face…. One of the things I like very much is to drive around because when you look out of the window you can learn a lot about where you are. Since today is sunday shops were closed and people were lazing around. The island is very green, I saw a lot of old trees with big trunks… part of the streets were rather steep and maximum speed was 20 km/h.

Then we met the boat and I met Bill who is in charge of the resort (together with Lisa). He told me that a few days ago when he had gone to get somebody they had seen a humpback whale. I wasn’t so lucky today though. 🙁 I took pics, yes, but I can’t post them yet as there was no time yet to upload them to the laptop. Tomorrow…. 🙂 Then you will see my bungalow and my stretch of beach where I can make a fire in the evening if I want to… (not today, too windy)… 🙂