Not much going on these days…

27/03/2008 0 Von andiline

In between vacation unfortunately I have to work a little bit… 😀 Been to Zurich the last two days and took a few pics this morning on my way to the office. Yesterday it was snowing too much but this morning the snow was gone.

Have to go back to Paris next week and I hope that the meetings will be on monday so I can go on sunday and have a few hours to explore Paris. When I go there during the week I never see anything (don’t believe people who tell you that it is fun to travel all the time for business – most of the times it is just one thing: work!) so it would be nice going there on sunday for a change. Sunday is our ’season start‘ with the dive club but since it’s been snowing a lot in the past days there is no way I am going to go IN the lake. Hey, Egypt is only 2 weeks away and I am not stupid enough to risk a bad cold….