Lazy day…

14/03/2008 0 Von andiline

I spent my last day here on Bohol recovering from last night. I’ve never experienced anything like this. Since the manager had told me the party would be over at 11 PM I stayed at the bar till a quarter past 10 and then thought I could stand the noise for another 45 minutes. When I came back to my room (which is one of the closest to the party-area) I found a letter from the Management telling me there would be a party with a live-band from 6 PM to midnight and they would apologize for the loud noise. Well, thanks for telling me it would be over by 11. At midnight they had no intention to stop the party so this whole thing went on until shortly before 1 AM. Have you ever been in bed with earplugs and still hearing hardrock-music of the worst kind in concert-noise-level? Yeah, THAT is what you like on vacation, don’t you??? 🙁 Of course I didn’t sleep and didn’t go diving this morning since my head was still bursting.

Weather was not so great either so I just stayed on my beach chair all day – reading. The resort is more or less quiet now (except for the guy three rooms apart from mine who seems to have a half deaf wife – at least judging from the loudness in which he speaks to her). I am not really sad that I have to leave for Manila tomorrow morning…. just curious whether the transport will work tomorrow….

Here are a couple of beach pics from yesterday and today.


Love ‚palm alley‘. 😉


Hammock time….


They have these flowers hanging down along the walkways though the resorts. Not sure what their name is (although I probably know the name).


The beach this morning. In the background is Pamilacan island where they to dolphin and whale-watching. I wanted to go there today but the girls who should have organized it were not really interested in doing just that. 🙁


And later on when the weather cleared up a little in the afternoon.


Tonight I will have to pack my stuff and tomorrow morning at 8 I am off to the airport. My plan is to go shopping in Manila since I have to go to the Hard Rock Cafe which is in a big shopping mall… 😉 So – no more dive pics from this trip… 🙂